Welcome to Eco-Green Cleaning Solutions. Our goal is to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for you, your family, friends and co-workers. Come join us in this endeavor as we create a healthier place for you to live, work or visit.  

In our everyday lives, we make sure we tend to ourselves and our homes. We launder our clothes, shower and bath. We have our properties neatly manicured, fertilized, weed and pest controlled. We also have the exterior of our homes pressured washed, windows cleaned and pools maintained.  

What we neglect is the items that are used every day and directly affects our indoor environment and our health. We transfer pollutants, germs, bacteria and more into our homes every day and we do not perform the proper maintenance to ensure that we are living or working in a healthy environment.  

Please click on the Services above to learn more on Eco-Green Cleaning Solutions and how we can create the cleanest and Healthiest home or work place for you.

Our Guarantee

We provide the very best in DRY EXTRACTION carpet cleaning. The removal of allergens and environmental pollutants from your carpet and home is essential for optimal health. In today's ever changing world, it is vital to keep your carpets clean due to the various contaminants that we are in contact with every day. We at Eco-Green Cleaning Solutions ARE COMMITTED to the finest process in the field of carpet cleaning available and are always searching for ways to upgrade and enhance our services which include upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning and conditioning, and tile and grout cleaning. We offer many different programs for the many lifestyles that we encounter, so call us today and remember that OUR WORK is 100% Money Back Guaranteed. No spots will come back that we can remove and there is NO interruption in your lifestyle due to wet carpeting or pads.

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